customdesignsOver the decades, our professional landscapers have designed, planted and maintained thousands of residential and commercial properties for satisfied customers. We work from all designs, whether produced by our certified Landscape Designers, external drawings or your own personal creation.

Our experienced crews work quickly, efficient and always leave a clean and tidy before leaving.

We offer 100% warranty for 2 years on trees and shrubs planted by Horlings Landscapers and a full one year waranty for the replacement value on trees and shrubs purchased and planted by our customers.

For your convienience we will deliver your trees and/or shrubs.  We can plant them on site for you if necessary.  Delivery and installation fees vary depending on the location and the type of tree or shrub.

We use only safe, environmentally friendly products and practices.

*See Landscaping for more information on some of our landscape services.



shrubs and perennial gardensWe are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality on each and every job.

Ask about our affordable maintenance packages.

  • Spring Clean Up Renewal Program
  • Summer Maintenance Program
  • Fall Clean Up Program

Over the years, we have earned the reputation as one of the foremost landscaping experts in Peterborough.

An active member of Landscape Ontario’s Green for Life Program.


hanging basketWe can custom design your own containers and hanging baskets for you with plants selected specifically to suit your lighting and your gardening style.  Come in to speak to our designers and we will help you select your favourite plants to create something unique just for you.  We can use your own containers or you can select from our wide variety of pots and hanging baskets in our gift shop





We want your annuals to look fabulous all season long.  Take advantage of our FREE FERTILIZER program.  You can use our pre-mixed all purpose 20-20-20 fertilizer on your containers, hanging baskets and bedding plants to keep them healthy and blooming.  You can keep coming back to refill your fertilizer container as often as you need to.